June 3, 2016

Dresses for special occasion.

Every woman should have dresses for special cases.
Those dresses which make you happy even if they are just hanging on the hanger. Those dresses which you put on and feel yourself like a princess. 

So today here is a selection of such special evening dresses. 
I want to show you the most beautiful which I'm in love with. 
I am sure that if you want to put on such dress you should not wait for special occasion. Your special mood and desire is already an occasion, isn't it?

They make you femme fatale. Incredible mix of luxury and mysteriousness. This color is for Queen. 
1                   2                         3                   4

Feel yourself like a princess, not a Queen? 
Ok. Pastel  colors, airiness, lightness.
And automatically you become tenderer and nicer.

5            6                     7                     8
Deep colors are for those who don't care if they are princesses or Queens. They can be both.
Lace,  embroidery, simple hairstyle and the level of your fascination is the highest.
              9                10                 11                     12
You can find much more amazing dresses here. Choose one for yourself.

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